AI-created Global Productivity Gains - Latest estimate

AI-created Global Productivity Gains - Latest estimate

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According to the research conducted by ARK, it is projected that AI software will significantly increase the productivity of the average knowledge worker over the next eight years.

ARK states:

According to our research, during the next eight years AI software could boost the productivity of the average knowledge worker by nearly 140%, adding approximately $50,000 in value per worker, or $56 trillion globally, as shown below

ARK further predicts that knowledge workers equipped with AI will experience an annual growth rate of around 15%, surpassing the consensus expectation of 2.7% for wage growth until 2030. Importantly, ARK does not anticipate AI to diminish the overall demand for human labor. Instead, the improvements in productivity and GDP are expected to positively impact labor markets over time.

How we display the data

The live counter counts up to $56 trillion from 0 in a linear fashion, starting on June 22, 2022 (the date of the publication) and running until June 22, 2030, the defined target date of the report.

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June 22, 2022
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